Firm’s Welsh Boost

English was the second language for 23 year old Elinor Jones who was raised in the traditional Welsh village of Pumsaint.

Now after joining Swansea accountants Bevan & Buckland, the UWIC graduate is learning how to use her native language in the workplace.

Elinor JonesElinor is currently one of four fluent Welsh speakers at the firm in SA1, but the company is taking multi-lingual skills very seriously as clients in both public and private sectors are expecting all communications to be conducted in Welsh.

Earlier this year she started an eight-month course with the Swansea-based training provider CAD Centre UK and now receives fortnightly visits from assessor Nicola Marks for her Qualification Credit Framework in Information Technology.

Bevan & Buckland is also in the processes of setting up a telephone help line for clients who prefer to deal with them in Welsh.

Elinor also holds an A Level in French and said “being multi lingual is a very important skill”.

She said “you converse more with your clients and it could hold you back otherwise.

It is going to bring us much more work”.

Bevan & Buckland partner Harri Lloyd Davies said that the business was continually recruiting Welsh speaking staff to complement its audit team.

He said “We are taking part in the apprenticeship training scheme provided by the CAD Centre and find it very useful because it provides us with computer skills through the medium of Welsh”.

The National Assembly for Wales Enterprise and Learning Committee has found a more co-ordinated approach is needed to increase the use of the Welsh language by businesses. CAD Centre MD Ali Anwar said terminology in Welsh was often absent from a learner’s work experience.

He said “This absence can lead to a lack of confidence and a tendency to switch to English in new situations as a as lack of literacy in Welsh”.

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