HMRC have changed their guidance on Hotel Reservations

Calling all Hotel owners… HMRC have changed their guidance on Hotel Reservations

 As HMRC announces a change to their guidance on VAT and Hotel reservations, Harri Lloyd Davies, partner at Bevan & Buckland explains the opportunities this may offer certain Hotel owners.

 HMRC has recently changed their guidance on the VAT that is liable on certain Hotel reservations.  Depending on the circumstances of the reservation, then you could be able to reclaim the VAT and back date that claim over four years.

 This VAT ruling applies on certain reservations where a compensation claim can be made, so for example it can be applied to certain late arrivals but a deposit on a guaranteed room booking is not eligible.

VAT is complex and rather than offer generic advice I would rather meet  and advise you on your specific circumstances.

 If you are a hotel owner and would like advice on this new VAT ruling on hotel reservations then please contact me on 01792 410100 or email me at

 You can also get more advice by following @bevanbuckland on twitter or registering for our newsletter at

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