You’re Retired!!

Sir Alan Sugar reaches retirement ageSir Alan Sugar is approaching retirement age, and you can be sure that for him these will definitely be the golden years. The majority of us will spend nearly a third of our lives in retirement perhaps more.

So will you face the golden years or a constant struggle to pay the bills? According to Government estimates nearly 13 million people, almost half of the working population, aren’t saving enough for retirement.  The Government has already announced plans to increase the State Pension age for both men & women to 66 by 2020, with a likelihood of this increasing further after that.  What age will it be by the time you are entitled to claim your pension?

For those with a full National Insurance record the State Pension will provide about £5,311 per year (for a single person).  Is this enough for you to live on?  Do you have a full National Insurance Record?  How much will your State Pension provide and what can you do to top it up? Should you rely on your State Pension alone?

These are common questions that we get asked regularly. Pensions have always been complex, and constant “tinkering” by successive Governments has done nothing to make things clearer for most people. 

In response to this we have created a free guide to successful retirement planning that can be downloaded from our website .

If you would like some individual advice on your retirement plans then why not book a free pensions review meeting and look forward to your golden years.

Gareth TregidonGareth Tregidon

Financial Planning Manager

01792 410103

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