HMRC now target electricians

Bevan & BucklandHMRC is continuing its targeted campaigns into tradespeople with vigour with the announcement of the Electricians Tax Safe Plan (ETSP).

 The ETSP will begin in February 2012 and builds on HMRC’s plumbers’ campaign and gives an opportunity for electricians to come forward and declare unpaid tax. Considering that the Tax Safe Plan has so far generated an additional £1.98million, with more expected once the final disclosures are made, it is no surprise that HMRC are utilising similar tactics for their latest campaigns. The HMRC website defines an electrician or electrical fitter quite widely as ‘anyone who installs, maintains and tests electrical systems, equipment and appliances under stringent safety regulations.’

It remains to be seen if the Revenue holds information relating to these tradespeople as they did in the case of the Plumbers Tax Safe Plan where HMRC acquired information from Corgi and Gas Safe in order to identify potential unpaid tax liability. In addition, no further details have yet been confirmed as to any reduced penalty opportunities available. However, if you have clients that may fall into HMRC’s definition of an electrician or electrical fitter, then we would strongly recommend that you ensure they are aware of this latest campaign.

Bevan & Buckland will continue to monitor developments and will update our clients with any new information as it becomes available.
If you would like to discuss these latest developments then why not call Lee Bradley on 01792 410119 or email

2 Responses to HMRC now target electricians

  1. Good info, thanks.

    By the way, great design on the blog, did you create the design yourself?

    Chris Davies

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