Passport number among new data items required for RTI

Bevan & Buckland AccountantsHM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is encouraging payrollers to include staff passport numbers as part of data that will need to be submitted to it when Real Time Information (RTI) becomes mandatory for all employers in 2013.

The data is among 117 items that will potentially need to be recorded in a Full Payment Submission (FPS) sent to the Revenue before or when the payroll is run. This applies regardless of payroll frequency.

The information will be similar to that currently submitted on a P14 end of year summary, but with additional data fields.

Speaking at the Payroll World Autumn Update Conference in London yesterday, Phil Nilson, from the HMRC RTI team said: “There are quite a few new items you will need to think about, so if there was a message I would give you today is that although RTI is scheduled to come in 2013 you need to start thinking about it yesterday.”

HMRC (RTI) Real Time InformationThough passport number data is not mandatory it is an “encouraged completion field” according to HMRC guidance.

Also for the first time payrollers will need to submit the number of hours worked by an employee in one of four categories: up to 16, 16-29.99, 30 or more and ‘other’.

The initial guidance on FPS data items is available here. Please note this version does not include the latest update to the reporting of item 54 ‘number of normal hours worked’ as described above.

If you require any more information regarding RTI or are looking for a payroll bureau service, then please call Tina at Bevan & Buckland on 01792 410100.


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