Some useful record keeping mobile apps

HMRC (RTI) Real Time InformationBevan & Buckland logoInformation supplied by the HMRC.     

Simple record keeping applications for mobile devices

To help small businesses with record keeping on the go, the commercial software industry, following consultation with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), are producing simple record keeping mobile applications for businesses below the VAT threshold. These applications may help you with maintaining good records and include links to HMRC guidance related to record keeping that you may find useful. The majority of these applications are free.

The companies listed below have advised HMRC that they have commercial mobile applications for record keeping that meet the HMRC specification. This list is not exhaustive and it is probable that other software houses associated with mobile application development will also be developing applications.

Software supplier Product Platform
Forbes Computer Systems Ltd (Click Here) Forbes Receipt Keeper Android 2.1 onward
FreeAgent Central Ltd (Click Here)

Tel:0800 2888691

Earnest iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Immagini Ltd (Click Here)

Tel:01494 858374

ZipZipBooks Android 2.3 onward
Intuit (Click Here) MyBizTracker iOS (iPhone, iPod touch)
Sage (Click Here)

Tel:0800 447777

Sage Record Keeper iPhone, iPad iOS 4.3 and above

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