Worried about auto enrolment?


As you will have seen from the latest series of Government-sponsored TV adverts, pension auto enrolment has finally arrived. Well, for large employers, at least!

If you haven’t seen them yet, the Department for Work & Pensions now has its own YouTube channel (with a grand total of 1 clip on it) which you can watch here (it’s only 42 seconds long!).

What the advert doesn’t make clear is when this important piece of legislation will affect different types and sizes of employers, which employees are covered and how much is this all going to cost.

You may recall that we previously issued a short guide for employers, which we have now updated to reflect the amended implementation dates announced earlier this year.  You can get a free PDF copy of the guide by clicking here.

Although much touted as the most significant piece of pensions legislation in decades, our view is that the bigger issue will be the effect on


 employers’ cashflows, and the additional administration headache that this could bring.  This will include making sure your payroll can cope with the additional reporting requirements, as well as the likelihood that not all employees will want to join at the same time, so causing additional administration.

As you would expect, we can help you with all of these areas, be it gaining a better understanding of the legislation, analysing existing pension arrangements to see whether these are suitable (or just need small adjustments to make them so), assessing the potential impact on your cashflow, or making sure your payroll process can cope with the additional workload.

Please remember that we are able to help if you have any questions regarding the auto enrolment legislation, your responsibilities under


the law, or which pension options are likely to suit you and your business.  We offer a free initial consultation, either in our offices in Swansea, Haverfordwest and Pembroke, or at your business premises. 

If you would like independent and impartial advice on any aspect of financial planning for your business, please contact either Julie Richards or myself on 01792 410103 or pensions@bevanbuckland.co.uk

Gareth Tregidon


Gareth Tregidon is manager of Bevan & Buckland’s Financial Planning Department, which operates from the firm’s Swansea, Pembroke and Haverfordwest offices. The department provides fee-based advice to personal and business clients, both from within the firm and elsewhere. 

As well as having over 25 years’ experience in the provision of financial advice, Gareth is a Certified Financial PlannerCM and an accredited Later Life Adviser with the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA).  He is former Chairman of the Institute of Financial Planning in South Wales, and an assessor for the internationally recognised Certified Financial PlannerCM licence. 



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