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Bevan & Buckland Accountants logoAs the rate of change in technology continues to accelerate, a local firm of Chartered Accountants, Bevan & Buckland, is very much ahead of the game.

Harri Lloyd Davies, Partner at Bevan & Buckland comments “With nearly every mobile phone now a smart phone and tablet devices Harri Lloyd-Daviesbecoming common place, the number of things that we can now do with a small handheld device is almost endless”.

“Although the core of our clients still prefer to meet us in one of our offices, more and more of our clients now prefer to contact us in various ways via the internet, and the geographical location of our customer base is rapidly becoming less important”.

After over a hundred years in business in Swansea and West Wales, Bevan & Buckland continue to implement the latest technology to accommodate this change.  Our clients have been communicating with us via email for some years, and use of our cloud-based secure document exchange with electronic document signing is increasing.  We can oversee a client’s accounts package where ever they are – whether it’s a cloud-based bookkeeping package or if they use a traditional on premise application by using our remote access software.  We can even fix issues, take backups or carry out software training remotely via the Internet.  Increasingly we are starting to also conduct meetings remotely using Skype or Apple’s “FaceTime” applications.

The latest addition to these services is our new mobile app – a modern way to undertake a number of tasks.

“We know that business owners and employees today have multiple pressures on their time”, continues Harri.  “We have specifically designed our app to include a variety of tools to help save time and try to make peoples’ lives easier”.

The app includes a range of features designed to make peoples’ lives easier, such as using GPS to help people record business mileage and expenses.  This not only saves time but also helps to maximise tax relief.  On top of that there are a number of useful tax calculators and tax saving tips, as well as a news feed with topical tips, and a reminder diary so you never miss a tax payment, VAT return or Companies House deadline again.   All of this can be with you 24/7 on your phone, allowing you access to information when you need it.

“The best businesses are embracing technology and using it to provide a better service”, said Harri, “and we have developed this app to ensure Bevan & Buckland Chartered Accountants clients continue to receive the first class service they are used to.”

Ian Thomas. Bevan & Buckland IT Manager

“The number of clients coming into our offices with their business information stored in the cloud is increasing. That’s why we’ve installed wireless Internet access in all of our meeting rooms.  The client can bring a laptop or tablet device along with them and access their Office 365, Dropbox or online bookkeeping package whilst in the meeting with us”.

The FREE app can be downloaded by searching for “Bevan Buckland” in the Apple App store or “Bevan and Buckland” from the Android App store.

Or use the following links to download the app directly if you are viewing this on a mobile device

apple app storeiPhone

Bevan Buckland app

apple app store


android app store

Android App Store

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