Calling all Landlords

Bevan & Buckland AccountantsSettle your taxes before HMRC finds out you are letting residential property.

There are big advantages to making a voluntary disclosure using HMRC’s Let Property Campaign before HMRC enquire. These include:

Lower penalties

Reduced risk of criminal proceedings

•             HMRC has recovered over £50 million in additional tax as a result of a crackdown on landlords who have undeclared or under-declared rental income.

•             Since the Let Property Campaign began over 40,000 landlords who failed to come forward voluntarily have been sent “prompted disclosure” letters, resulting in increased penalties.

Landlord pictureHMRC have developed a powerful computer system which makes it very easy for them to identify people who may not have paid what they owe. They have access to:

·         The Land Registry

·         The Electoral Roll

·         Landlord Deposit Scheme Records


So HMRC may already know about your property income – tell them before they come knocking.

If you want to minimise penalties and reduce the risk of criminal proceedings, get in touch with your local tax team at Bevan & Buckland. With our experience in preparing successful disclosures we will talk you through the process at a free initial meeting.

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